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Mandi Leigh is a 3rd generation  leatherworker who specializes in handcrafted custom work. She started her creative journey in 2009 making feather accessories with a friend, eventually having their work in 6 stores in the Lower Mainland, BC, Canada. In 2011, she shifted to leatherwork to follow her mother's and grandfather's passion for leather. Her style combines her grandfather's classic American style patterns from the 60's/70's with her love for colour. 

Mandi Leigh's creative specialty is working with her customers to design exactly what the customer wants, with Mandi Leigh's handcrafted style. She makes everything by hand, and utilizes every bit of material possible, even upcycling materials found or donated by customers to be featured or utilized in her work. 

Mandi Leigh's passion is to bring unique, quality, handcrafted, one-of-a-kind leather wares to the world... creations designed to outlast it's owner and be an investment, not just a purchase.

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