Meet Mandi Leigh

Mandi Leigh is a custom leatherwork artist based out of Vancouver, British Columbia  

Examples of items she makes include purses, wallets, headbands, coin purses, belts, sheaths, and more! Her main passion is for commissioned work as and absolutely loves sitting down with my customers to design their pieces together. 

All of Mandi Leigh’s designs are made by hand including punching, lacing, stitching and mixing my own stains to ensure you have the unique, one-of-a-kind piece of your dreams.

Hand Crafted Leather

Mandi started her creative practice designing feather earrings, hairpieces, fascinators, broaches, and other items with a close friend of hers. Those designs eventually ended up in six stores in and around Vancouver.

One day, a regular customer dropped off a bag of leather scraps and her love for leather was reignited. She had memories from childhood of my Mom creating leatherwork in our kitchen to help raise her and her brother. Mandi’s Mom saw what she was doing with the scraps and took her on, showing her the process to build leather wares, including all the tools and stitching that she learned from my Grandfather. 

Yes, Mandi is a third-generation leatherworker! She took it upon herself to take a four-weekend course at a local leather supply store to update the knowledge passed to her with all the latest tools and techniques. Her Grandfather then gifted her all of his patterns from the 1950s, and 1960s, so you will see elements of those patterns all throughout her work, of course with her own twist! 

When Mandi is not leatherworking, she also works in the film industry and has many years of experience. 

She started on Supernatural Season One as a Production Assistant and worked her way up in the local film industry to be an Assistant Director for some major TV shows around Vancouver. She is currently stepping back from the on-set life to allow more time to work on her creative endeavours. 

Mandi’s connections in the film industry have also given her the opportunity to design a few leather items for local productions.